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Teeth Whitening

Teeth can become discolored for many reasons, including color-rich foods, certain lifestyle habits, and even the natural aging process.

Fortunately, brightening your smile can be quick and easy with cost-effective and non-invasive professional teeth whitening.

Drs. Chadwick Harris and Brent Culpepper offer in-office and take-home whitening options. Visit us Laurel, MS, near Hattiesburg, to begin.

Your teeth can appear up to 8x brighter in one appointment with Zoom!®

We're pleased to offer the Philips Zoom!® whitening system for in-house whitening treatments. Zoom! can produce significant results in just one appointment at our Laurel practice.

Extrinsic Stains vs. Intrinsic Stains What's the Difference?

The two types of dental stains occur for different reasons and react differently to teeth whitening. During a consultation, Dr. Harris or Dr. Culpepper can determine which type of staining you have and recommend the best cosmetic plan to enhance your smile.

Extrinsic Stains

Extrinsic stains affect the enamel, which covers the surface of the teeth. These stains usually result from the consumption of tobacco or dark foods and drinks, like marinara sauce and coffee. Extrinsic stains typically react well to whitening treatment.

Intrinsic Stains

Intrinsic staining originates inside the tooth and is visible through the enamel. These stains may be caused by dental trauma or even your genetics. go deeper, reaching further into your tooth. While intrinsic stains cannot be lifted with teeth whitening, they can be concealed with veneers or dental bonding.

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What If Whitening Isn't Right for Me?

Even if teeth bleaching isn't the best choice for you, there are still a number of cosmetic dentistry options that can give you whiter teeth. 

Dental bonding and porcelain veneers are both alternatives that offer whitening benefits and more. These options can be customized so you can adjust the shape and size of your teeth as well. We can even custom-color our dental materials so you can enjoy a dazzlingly bright transformation. If you want to whiten your smile and address issues like chips, cracks, and asymmetry at the same time, bonding or veneers can be great options.

No matter which treatment ends up being best for you, rest assured that our dentists are here to provide the finest results possible.

Visit a Dental Team That Works With You

Have concerns about sensitive teeth, cost, or additional cosmetic aspects you'd like to refine? Dr. Culpepper and Dr. Harris will work closely with you to find the solution best for your goals and budget.

In fact, teeth whitening is only one of the many cosmetic dentistry services we offer at our practice. Dental bonding and porcelain veneers can be excellent alternatives for your cosmetic concerns, while custom dental crowns can help with both functional needs and aesthetic transformations.

We carefully mix our bleaching formulas to minimize the risk of tooth sensitivity during treatment. If you're concerned about cost, we accept CareCredit® financing to make teeth whitening more affordable.

To find out whether teeth whitening is right for you, contact our Laurel dentistry practice online or call:

(601) 649-3344

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Dentists Chadwick Harris and Brent Culpepper can help you achieve beautiful white teeth in a way that works for you. Choose between at-home or in-office teeth whitening options at our Laurel, MS, practice.

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Choose In-Office Bleaching For Stronger Formulas and Quicker Results

In-office teeth whitening treatments are recommended for patients who want to whiten their smiles in less time.

Under the supervision of one of our dentists, we are able to use stronger, faster-acting, and more effective whitening solutions than those found in take-home treatments or over-the-counter products.

Our Zoom! whitening system is so efficient that you may only need a single bleaching appointment to achieve your desired results. If you're tired of wasting time on lackluster over-the-counter products, visit our Laurel dentists for effective dental bleaching.

Philips Zoom! whitening technology is powerful, fast-acting, and highly effective.

What to Expect During In-Office Teeth Whitening

Our dentistry office uses Zoom! whitening technology, which can help you whiten your enamel by up to eight shades in a single 45-minute appointment.
Laurel patients appreciate the quickness and convenience of our in-office bleaching services.
Laurel patients appreciate the quickness and convenience of our in-office bleaching services.

Whitening Consultation

Visit our welcoming Laurel, MS, office for a whitening consultation. Your dentist will examine your teeth and determine the type of staining you have. He'll then help you decide on the best treatment for your goals, schedule, and budget.

Tooth Cleaning

During your treatment session, we will prepare your smile for whitening by thoroughly cleaning the surfaces of your teeth.

Bleaching Gel

One of our team members will then apply the whitening gel to each tooth. It will penetrate the enamel and lift away stains.

LED Technology

To expedite the teeth whitening process, we use a special LED light that activates the whitening solution.

Finishing Touches

Before you leave, we'll apply a soothing gel to reduce any sensitivity.

Dental Care Instructions

We'll also walk you through dental care steps to help you protect your whitening results. Our team is always happy to answer any questions to help you get the most from your treatment.

Excited to Begin?

Choose At-Home Whitening For Results on Your Schedule

Patients often choose over-the-counter whitening treatments for the convenience. However, they rarely see substantial or lasting results, which means they're losing money on ineffective products.

At-home whitening kits from a dentist combine those desired aspects—convenience, results, cost-effectiveness—for a superior solution. You can enjoy high-quality treatment with durable results when it works for your schedule.

At-home whitening is also a great option for sensitive teeth. It uses a less concentrated teeth whitening formula than in-office treatment, so discomfort isn't a problem.

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Professional Whitening Works Best

What Does At-Home Whitening Look Like?

Consultation and Impressions

Like in-office whitening, at-home whitening begins with consultation with our helpful dentists. You'll work together to formulate an effective treatment plan.

During your appointment, we'll take impressions of your smile to create custom whitening trays that feel comfortable in your mouth. When they're finished, we'll give them to you so you can start your treatment.

At-Home Tray Use

Your dentist will formulate a whitening gel solution for you during your consultation. They'll send you home with a kit that includes your custom tray and your custom solution.

Simply line the trays with the whitening gel, put them in your mouth, and wear them for the prescribed amount of time to visibly whiten your teeth. Repeat the process daily over the course of two to three weeks.

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